Sunday, June 28, 2015

How do you know your Old Tyre’s age? Check the Born-On Date

How will you know your old tyre’s age? This is very important question for a car owner or every vehicle owner. Just think about bad shape, stop, accelerate, turn and performance of a tyre in your car. I know the people always try to buy Kumho car tyres when tread gets down to the wear bar and performance is getting compromising while driving. Your car seems poor while driving and accelerate is not able to start a ride in good pick.

When due to UV and environmental exposure the rubber in tyres deteriorates. Dry rot leaves tyre structure brittle and leads to hard damage to sidewall which may cause failure anytime. Kumho tyre dealer always defines the benefit and basic info about the tyres and it features.  This is real that a tyre cannot have long life during dry hot climate condition than in moist climates. After studying year and year, the department of Transportation recommends changing even new-looking tyres; may be able to hit for more than 10 year which traditional cannot hit 6+ years. When you are going to buy a new tyres from any shop or if you still don’t aware how to buy a good quality tyre then go online and find tyres prices Australia.

Well, we know that every tyre has “Born-On-Date” which a manufacturer sealed at the time of making. According to federal requirements, look for a long serial number starting with the letters “DOT” near the edge of the rim. The code will end in either four (2000) or three numerals and may be corresponded to the two-digit week followed by the one or two digit year. "DOT" means the tyre has passed the Department of Transportation's testing requirements.

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