Monday, August 31, 2015

Platinum Service Hits Sheidow Park

Kumho Tyres
Kumho Tyre Platinum Dealer

Kumho Tyres has joined forces with Midcoast Tyres to create a new store at Sheidow Park. The Kumho/Midcoast Tyres partnership commenced in 2013 and in 2015, the two will again join forces with a brand new store.

Midcoast Tyres have demonstrated the high levels of service that makes them an ideal Kumho Tyre Platinum Dealer. The Sheidow Park service centre will market the whole Kumho range and will showcase the latest Kumho store signage as they embark on their mission to service their community with their new facility.

Mick Stagg, owner of Midcoast Tyres, is excited about the opportunity to continue working with Kumho, focusing on tyre safety and customer service as key priorities. “We can’t wait to show the public our brand new store and our state of the art 3D wheel alignment machine” Mick said. “Partnering with Kumho has been great for the community and the new store will provide a new service centre for the people of Sheidow Park and surrounds”.

Kumho Australia’s National Trade Marketing Manager, Glenn Pearse, says Midcoast Tyres was chosen as a Kumho Platinum store because of their industry experience and fantastic location.

“We’re excited to have another store in the region to provide the community with further quality and experience within our Platinum program,” said Glenn. “Midcoast Tyres have a well-trained professional team that knows and understands the needs of customers and delivers on its promise of value for money and exceptional service.”

Kumho Platinum store

The Platinum Dealer program was created to showcase Kumho’s quality product line of passenger car, SUV, 4×4, and commercial vehicle tyres in contemporary customer centred locations.  Platimum Dealers feature off street parking, family friendly waiting areas, and are equipped with TV and tea and coffee facilities. The Kumho Platinum Dealer program was launched in October 2011 and has since grown to just under 50 stores across Australia.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Successful Tyre Testing Shows Kumho Is Fit For The Fast Twins!

Twin Busch Motorsports started with the Audi R8 LMS ultra and the pilots Dennis and Marc Busch at the ADAC 24-hour qualifying race in the long distance 2015 season at the Nürburgring on 11/12 of April. The goal for the weekend was extensive tyre tests.
kumho is fit for the fast twins

Dennis Busch: "We have completely overhauled the Audi during the winter break, otherwise we would use the GT3 in the same configuration as in the previous year. The first show we wanted to sort out tires for the season and the 24-hour race with our development partner Kumho. In addition, we wanted to get a fixed starting place in the top 30 qualifying at the 24 hour race, which would mean we get the highly sought after blue light."

Manfred Theisen, Manager of Motor Sport KumhoTyre Europe GmbH said: "We have brought numerous constructions and tyre mixtures to the Eifel to test them on the very demanding Nürburgring Nordschleife”.

Although the tyre test program has been extensively dealt with in the individual training sessions, the Bush twins had fast times from the beginning. This was particularly important for the qualifying sessions, since the first ten places were awarded for the top 30 qualifiers. Marc Busch said: "We were with our top time of 8.33 minutes already in ninth position. In the second qualifying session we could no longer improve and therefore reached eleventh position five minutes from the end."

The sought after top 5 positions in the 6 hour race were still in reach. Initially it was very positive for the Twin Busch Audi R8 despite an early pit stop. And because the tyre tests were in focus on the race day, the team was from time to time in third place. Unfortunately due to a technical problem on the 21st lap it was over. "We were just on our way to the front again as the Audi came to a halt on the track. Fortunately, we had finished our tire test program said Dennis Busch, further more:"We are satisfied with our race speed and we are optimistic about the 24-hour race."

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kumho Tyre Notches Up The Half-Century

Kumho Tyre is a globally recognised and respected brand that takes pride in both their products, and their customer service. There will be no better place to experience this than Kumho’s 50th Platinum retailer in Morningside, QLD.

The Morningside store will open its doors on July 11th, and is a brand new facility that will offer customers access to Kumho’s full range of high quality, reliable tyres. At Kumho, each car receives a tailored service. Tyres are not a ‘one size fits all’ product, and Kumho technicians guarantee a professional and well thought out decision is made when it comes to your tyres.

Jim Monaghan, Manager of the new Morningside store and a veteran of 20 years in the tyre industry, is excited about this milestone in the Platinum Dealership program.

“It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to reach the 50 mark with our Kumho Tyre Platinum Dealerships,” Jim explained.

“We’re very pleased to be setting up shop in Morningside, and look forward to becoming a part of the community. Each Platinum Dealer is equipped with a vast product range and an unparalleled depth of knowledge thanks to our staff, and it will be a pleasure to offer that to the locals in Morningside.” Jim concluded.

The Platinum Dealer program was created to showcase Kumho’s quality product line of passenger car, SUV, 4×4, and commercial vehicle tyres in contemporary customer centred locations.  Platinum Dealers feature off street parking, family friendly waiting areas, and are equipped with TV and tea and coffee facilities. The Kumho Platinum Dealer program was launched in October 2011 and now includes 50 dealerships.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Australian Drivers Not Feeling the Pressure

Australian drivers are putting themselves and others at risk by ignoring four crucial components of their vehicles: their tyres. In a recent independent study1 by Kumho Tyre Australia, it was discovered that less than 5% of drivers check their tyre pressure when filling up at the bowser.
Over the course of three days, cars were observed refuelling at a petrol station in Sydney’s North West. Of the 360 vehicles that bought petrol from 8am until 11am, only 16 (4.4%) checked their tyre pressure.

The study revealed the worst offenders were commercial vehicle drivers, none of whom checked their vehicle tyre pressure during the three-day survey period.

“For a vehicle category that spends such a significant amount of time on the road, to avoid the air hose altogether is a very alarming finding,” said David Basha, spokesperson at Kumho Tyre Australia."

“Commercial vehicles which spend more time on the road than most should be very conscious about their tyre health.”

Kumho recommends checking your tyre pressure at every second visit to the petrol station where possible. Regularly checking pressure could save Australian drivers thousands of dollars on new tyres and fuel, with the correct tyre pressure-reducing road wear on the rubber. Correct pressure also offers better handling as low pressure could mean loss of control in extreme cases. Low pressure causes heavy wear, poor cornering and braking and, in extreme cases, blowouts.

“It was disappointing, but not unexpected that so few drivers were checking their tyre pressure,” explained David.

“Australians need to realise the risks associated with low tyre pressure. Car fatalities for the first four months of this year actually increased compared to the same period last year, so it’s in our best interest to ensure every aspect of the car is in the safest and best working condition possible – including tyres.”

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Advantages of Emergency Tyre Fitting

Nobody can predict the future and there are many situations when a person might need a tyre in hurry but don’t have solution. You should be alert for this kind of situation and also check out that your tyres have been vandalized. Drivers should aware to note that your tread depth is dangerously got down or low or the sidewall is cracked. These kinds of situation make us frustrated when we’re on long drive and suddenly blast in tyre. Here you need to do a quick action to short out situation and reach the destination.

More often, your tyre could let you fail when you are out on the road, needing fast decision to get vehicle again in action. Lithgow tyre service is best chance to contact them if you’re nearby areas. But if don’t have any idea or tyre service information, what will you do. Another best option is to call out a mobile tyre fitter. They are normally offer service in certain areas of the country, it can be effective if you stuck nearby location or area.

Tyre change means a person has proper knowledge and skill how to change and operate an essential body part in vehicle. Many people have light skill but not sure how to change if emergency occur. Changing a tyre when you are alone with other is not an easy task to handle without having skill. It goes very tough with heavy loaded vehicle like truck and it makes them very rustic when they have to transfer any order or carriage on time. If you just cross the Australia and going onward then buy truck tyres in Australia for any emergency. It was very worse experience when you do not have right skill to manage the situation but a professional can fit with replacement tyre that you know will again cause failure while driving.