Sunday, June 28, 2015

How do you know your Old Tyre’s age? Check the Born-On Date

How will you know your old tyre’s age? This is very important question for a car owner or every vehicle owner. Just think about bad shape, stop, accelerate, turn and performance of a tyre in your car. I know the people always try to buy Kumho car tyres when tread gets down to the wear bar and performance is getting compromising while driving. Your car seems poor while driving and accelerate is not able to start a ride in good pick.

When due to UV and environmental exposure the rubber in tyres deteriorates. Dry rot leaves tyre structure brittle and leads to hard damage to sidewall which may cause failure anytime. Kumho tyre dealer always defines the benefit and basic info about the tyres and it features.  This is real that a tyre cannot have long life during dry hot climate condition than in moist climates. After studying year and year, the department of Transportation recommends changing even new-looking tyres; may be able to hit for more than 10 year which traditional cannot hit 6+ years. When you are going to buy a new tyres from any shop or if you still don’t aware how to buy a good quality tyre then go online and find tyres prices Australia.

Well, we know that every tyre has “Born-On-Date” which a manufacturer sealed at the time of making. According to federal requirements, look for a long serial number starting with the letters “DOT” near the edge of the rim. The code will end in either four (2000) or three numerals and may be corresponded to the two-digit week followed by the one or two digit year. "DOT" means the tyre has passed the Department of Transportation's testing requirements.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best 5 Kumho Car Tyres Options

You spend maximum time over the various online stores to find best car tyres but do you know how to get right and quality tyres for your vehicle. You have exact search by size means height, width, diameter, load and speed index etc or by vehicle pattern or brand or engine and model. You should have proper data to find the pressure recommended by the manufacturer and approved dimension detail which easily fit into your vehicle. Before deal with online store confirmed your requirement and major decision such as price, delivery location and mandatory quality need.

To help consumers make the best choice of tyres for winter, summer or all season, experts and journalists kumho tyres offer practical files containing buying advice and tyre maintenance and testing the new arrivals in the market. Fine top 5 Kumho car tyres:

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Eco Friendly Tyres Option for Your Vehicles

Having reasonable tyre dealers like Kumho tyres does mean it has easily access to find a quality tyre for your vehicle. It seems difficult to find a suitable donor is getting a big problem for vehicle owner.

kumho tyres

Even the tendency of searching is totally depend upon the size of brand how manufacture fit larger wheel rims has diminish the number of famous remolded size or pattern. Every vehicle owner wants to buy eco tyres to save fuel efficiency as well as drive in a fresh air. Here is best 5 eco tyres option for your vehicles:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Why choose Kumho Car Tyres for your Vehicle?

Kumho tyres are the leading tyre manufactures in the world and Kumho Tyres Australia sells tyres for all vehicles including Cars, SUV, Trucks, Bus and Light commercial vehicles. Kumho Car Tyres are the perfect match for your Cars because one can find tyres for premium cars of every make and model. Kumho Car Tyres are known for their ability to perform in every road conditions and here are some other characteristics of Kumho Car Tyre Australia which will help in choosing them for your vehicle:
kumho tyres australia

  • Kumho Tyres come with a 5 years manufacturing and materials warranty and some of its tyre model come with 60000 to 80000 KM mileage guarantee.
  • Kumho Tyres manufacture Eco Car Tyres which has eco-friendly characteristics, ride comfort and better fuel economy.
  • One can choose tyres for different make and model of a vehicle and according to his budget and requirement. These tyres are generally low on cost and high on performance.
  • Kumho Car tyres are safe to use for drivers and passengers as they are rigorously tested for load capacity and high speed travel.
  • Tyres from Kumho Tyres Australia are easy to maintain, have low maintenance cost and low operational cost.
  • Kumho Tyres Australia has a wide dealer and distributor network and hence it can be bought in every part of Australia, be it a Large city or small town.
  • Kumho tyres are trusted by the world’s largest and prominent car manufactures as they have made Kumho tyres the original equipment manufacturers for their cars.